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You may now reserve a study room or the meeting room online. If you have any questions, please contact the library directly.
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Parking lot policy

The Board of Trustees recognized that the parking needs of library employees and users are the first priority in regards to available parking space, and the library sponsored programming and events often utilize all available spaces.

The Board of Trustees also recognizes that the available parking spaces in and around the library are limited, and has as its goal the desire to be a good neighbor to all in the equitable use of the library parking lot by persons not using the library.

Teacher borrowing policy

  1. Teachers may borrow up to fifty items.  Teachers should come in and select their own materials; however, teachers may request to have book collections gathered for them.  All requests for collections should be made one week in advance, and should be specific as to subject, grade level, and fiction or nonfiction materials.  When possible, a copy of a book list or other specific information should be submitted.  Readiness of these collections is subject to the availability of library staff.
  1. The library reserves the right to limit a te

Unattended child policy

Responsibility for the care and safety of the children using the library rests with the parents/guardian or assigned caregiver, not with library staff.  Under no circumstances does the library accept responsibility for a child while the parent is out of the library.  Young children (those too young to travel the streets alone) may not be left unattended in the library by parent/guardian or assigned caregiver.  No stranded child shall be forced to leave the library at closing time.  Library staff will attempt to contact parent/guardian or assigned caregiver up to 15 minut