Historical Sketch of the Post


The Wm. A Brand Post Number 98 Department of Ohio, Grand Army of the Republic Urbana, Ohio; was mustered the 8 day of July 1881, by special mustering officer, Comrade Brown, for the department of Ohio; with 18 Charter Members as follows; Comrades Jno T. Mitchell, Thomas McConnell, Thos. T Brand, T. G. Keller Jas. F. Shumate, M.A. Jordon, B.F. Ganson, A. F. Vance Jr., Jos Chamberlin, R. P. Wilkins, Jno M Fitzpatrick, J.M. Maitland, J.H. Ayres, Geo M Eichelberger, D. W. Todd, Jos [G] Brand, Frank Vance, and D. C. Hitt. After muster the following officers were elected to serve for the remainder of the year; Post Comdr Comrade J.T. Mitchell, Sen Vice Comdr Thos McConnell, Jn Vice Comdr T. T. Brand, Surgeon J. F. Shumate, Officer of the Day B.F. Ganson, Q Master A. F. Vance Fr, Officer of the Guard, Jno M. Fitzpatrick, Chaplain M. A. Jordon, Post Comd appointed T. G. Keller Adjt D.C. Hitt QM Seargt Jos Chamberlin Seargt Maj, J M Maitland [Aid] There were no new musters until the 21st day of Nov 1881; when there were 15 new recruits mustered giving a membership of 33 for the beginning of the year 1882. After which there were recruited 14 for the year 1882, 58 for year 1883; 31 for year 1884; 50 for year 1885; 52 for year 1886 71 for year 1889; 45 for year 1888; 20 for year 1894. making a total of 384 recruits mustered and received by transfer from other Posts. The Post has been presided over by Comrade Jno T Mitchell for 5 terms; by Comrade W. Hamilton for 4 term; by Comd D. W. Todd for 2 terms, Comrade Thomas McConnell 2 terms; Comrd W. R. Warnock 1 term, Comrade J.J. Anderson 1 term, by Comrd T. G. Keller 2 terms, elected but was not permitted to complete his second term. He answered the last Roll Call here in September 1893; Comrade W. W. Lewis 1 term. The Post has been represented on the staff of the Dep[?] Comdr Putman, by Com Jno T. Mitchell as chief mustering officer of the Dept and by Com Tho McConnell as member of Council of Administration. Comdr Mitchell Todd and McConnell have been Aids De Damp on Staff of Natl Comdrs. Comds T.G. Keller A. F. Vance and J. Woodward have been Aids on Dept Comds Staff. The district has been represented in the National Encampment by Comd Jno. T Mitchell at Columbus O in 1888; by Comd Thomas McConnell in 1890 at Boston Mass by Comd W W Wilson in 1892, at Detroit Mich and by Comd J. T Woodward at Pittsburgh Pa in 1894.

Thirty nine have answered their last Roll Call here below, and are [?] on the other shore. Comrad Wm Sullivan being the first member of the Post to die, and was buried at Mutual O. being 93 years of age with the honor of the grand Army of the Republic. comrade T. G. Keller was elected Post Historian a regular meeting, the 5th day of May 1895; but no record of any member of the Post has ever been entered by the Historian; owning no doubt to the seeming indifference of the comrades in handing in the blanks, containing the subject matter during his life. A vacancy remained in the office of Post Historian from death of Comd Keller until the 27th of Feb 1895 when at regular meeting of Post comrads J. T. Woodward was elected to the office of Post Historian and ser[?] and up to the present date 6/28/1895 has entered such matter for record as has been handed in by the comrades and friend of some one hundred and thirty comrades.