This Volume is designed to contain the record of the war services (1861-1865) of the living and deceased members of this post; the living to certify to the statement of their services, and the facts relating to the dead to be certified by the Post Historian.

The supplementary part of the Volume is for a continuance of the personal sketches as occasion may require in the opinion of the Post Historian, also for the preservation of the names, and record of other soldiers or sailors who enlisted from the immediate locality.

Resolution pages are provided for containing the resolutions passed by the Post upon the death of a member.

Record of burial pages are intended for the comrades of the Post and also for the names of all soldiers and sailors whose graves the Post may decorate from year to year.

Record of presentation page is designed to contain the action of the Post upon receipt of the Volume.

The Post should obtain permission of the donors for the insertion of a personal sketch, blank pages being provided for that purpose. A sketch of the person after whom the Post is named should also be prepared.

When the Post shall have surrendered its charter this Volume can be preserved by the local municipality, if a suitable depository for safe keeping is provided, or it can be preserved in the archives of the State.

The Volume is respectfully dedicated to the last surviving comrade of the Post by the



The above is the Preface for the Personal War Sketch. It was printed in the book by the publisher. This provides an explanation for the book and who and what should have been included.