Parents and teachers


If you need assistance in selecting books for your child, please ask for assistance. The library has books in the reference section which will help you find books on certain topics or for certain age groups.

The staff may also be able to suggest books which may be of interest to your child.



There are a number of services the library offers teachers and their students...

Closed Reserve - Books can be placed on closed reserve here at the library. Patrons will not be able to check the books out, they must be used at the library. If you are assigning a report that many students will be working on, this is one way we can be sure that everyone has equal access to the materials. This is very helpful if the library only has a limited number of resources on a particular topic.

Classroom Collections - Teachers may check books out on their cards and have the books available in the classroom. Teachers can sign up for a special "teacher's collection" status and check books out for 28 days. Let us know what grade you need information for, if you would like fiction or nonfiction books, and any other information that may help us gather books for you. Please give us time, at least a week, to gather books for a teacher's collection.

Special Assignments - Teachers can notify reference staff of any special reports or assignments. If you have a reading list, please send a copy to the library. If you assign students to look up specific web pages or books for class assignments, please let us know and we will be prepared for their questions. If we are aware of what the students may need, we are better able to assist them at the library.

Parent/Teacher Collection - Located behind the juvenile nonfiction is an area designated for parents and teachers.  This collection contains books with activities, bulletin board ideas, magazines, etc. 


Check out the link below for a variety of web resources for parents and teachers.