Teacher borrowing policy

  1. Teachers may borrow up to fifty items.  Teachers should come in and select their own materials; however, teachers may request to have book collections gathered for them.  All requests for collections should be made one week in advance, and should be specific as to subject, grade level, and fiction or nonfiction materials.  When possible, a copy of a book list or other specific information should be submitted.  Readiness of these collections is subject to the availability of library staff.
  1. The library reserves the right to limit a teacher to five items on any one subject area, and ten titles by any one specific author.
  1. A collection will be due in 28 days.  A collection may be renewed once for an additional 14 days.  Items may be renewed in person, over the phone, or online (excluding interlibrary loan items).  Items may not be renewed if there other holds for those items.
  1. Items that cannot be borrowed as part of a teacher’s collection include DVDs and holiday materials.  These items must be borrowed for the standard loan period.
  1. Items for personal use may not be borrowed as part of a teacher’s collection.
  1. The fine for overdue materials is $.10 per day per item, except for DVDs, which are $.50 per day per item.
  1. Any items checked out in a teacher’s collection are the responsibility of the cardholder.  A receipt will be given for the payment of lost items or damaged items.  If lost items are found, and have not been damaged, the receipt may be presented to the library for a refund, less a $5.00 processing fee.
  1. If a teacher thinks that an item has been returned, the library staff will search the shelves.  If it is not found after several careful searches, the teacher must then assume payment for the cost of the item.

The children’s area has a number of bibliography sources, information about authors, and creative teaching aids.  Classes that wish only to visit and browse may arrange a convenient time by contacting the library in advance.  Tours of the library and instruction in use of the library may also be scheduled in advance with library.

Advance notice of assignments is always helpful.  If we have a limited supply of materials on the subject, we can pull a collection that can be put on closed reserve for use in the library so that all students will have equal access to the material.

Teachers can notify the library by phone or by using the youth services email address: psanders@champaigncountylibrary.org